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Choosing a business major in college can be tough because there are SOOO many options. I thought it would be helpful to talk about the top business degrees leading to high paying business careers. This business degree tier list will rank the best business majors, to help you figure out with degree is best for you – Enjoy!!

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If you’re asking the question what business major should I do? You have come to the right place. Business degrees are some of the best majors in college because you can get 6 figure business jobs without extra school!

First I’ll talk about why a general business management degree takes last place in the business degree tier list. Then I’ll go into top business degrees, like marketing and HR. Dissecting if those business degrees are worth it. And finally we will discuss 6 figure business degrees and why these degrees out you in a good position to get high paying business careers.

PLUS I’ll answer common questions like is accounting a good major? And I’ll help settle the classic debate on if you should choose a accounting vs finance major.

I hope this video helped you learn the differences between the top business degrees, guide to you in choosing a business major in college, AND answer the question, What can you do with a business degree? If it did SMASH the like button 🙂

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