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Unique situation, million dollar potential, low investment, home based gig. Good opp. for B2B pro.

Why am I selling? A while back we piloted a partner program where I would put up half the money for franchises that I knew were profitable, and the partner would run the franchise. I live in a very remote area so cant realistically operate a franchise myself. This was the first partner I worked with, he was great, a veteran, tons of business and consulting experience, great guy, but because he was in the USA and I was in Canada it turned into a nightmare. Not because of the franchise but because of the government red tape, taxes, and corporate structures between a Canadian and US resident. Ill share the details with prospective buyers but long story short things didnt work out and we now have to exit.

This is an executive consulting franchise that works with small to mid sized companies. The franchise helps corporations save money and become more efficient and provides proprietary software and volume buying discounts that save most companies over 30%. This service is in great demand right now as companies across the USA are trying to cut costs, during the pandemic this company was bringing on 10 new franchisees a month and turning many away. The cost if you bought new is $68,000 – because we received a veteran discount and a broker discount we are selling at cost, $49,000, there is even a small amount of incoming revenue as a bonus. So you will be saving almost $20k over a new franchise.

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