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Seekruit – India’s First Recruitment Process Agreggator Software

Seekruit is the first ‘assisted commerce’ technology platform that aims at simplifies the hiring process while removing the current in-efficiencies plaguing the HR industry. We Recruit – Without JD, Without CV & without Recruiter, visit WWW.SEEKRUIT.COM

Our Concept :- Digital Employment Exchange :- Connecting client and candidate, using more accurate techniques than humans.

Seekruit is the only comprehensive platform that is offering a solution to all the stake holders of the recruitment industry namely the client, candidate, recruiters and assessors, and does not aim to exclude any stake holder. Seekruit is also the only HR tech platform that brings this automation solution to the 80,80,80 segment, which means 80% small and medium clients, 80% of small and medium recruiters and 80% of semi-skilled and unskilled candidates.

About Founder & CEO :- Mr. Sachin Kapoor :- Mr. Sachin is the Founder and CEO of Seekruit and a senior business leader with more than decades of experience, including experience in senior leadership roles within the world’s largest professional recruitment firms. Over the course of his experience, he has interviewed thousands of job seekers and advised numerous employers on their hiring Strategies. He founded Seekruit to help people find jobs and employers hire talent quickly, conveniently and accurately.

Our platform is capable of automating a myriad of assessments – interviews, language, pronunciation, typing to domain specific skills like skills in sales, marketing etc. Also any number of automated assessments can be added as per specific requirements of the client.Brand.

Seekruit is an AI-technology driven platform.
(A) – Login By Client :- Get right fitment with the Seekruit and make your firm more dynamic with skilled manpower in the house.

1. Client register himself/herself and become the part of new innovative platform providing him with a huge workforce of skilled candidate.

2. Client then post his/her requirements through our Recruiter Pack.

3 He can directly access through our channel the desired candiadte’s profile and therefore gets a right fitment for a right job.

4. Providing skilled candidate is our motto. We understand that most CVs are a CTRL+C and CTRL+V job, so we go the distance to provide you with thoroughly assessed candidates. Hire a Seekruiter to find yourselves the perfect recruits.

(B)- Login By Candidate :-Get right job with the Seekruit and get a launchpad for your dream career.

1.Candidate register himself/herself and finds a dream job as per his/her skill and requirement.

2. Candidate gives a Video-Introduction and then assess himself/herself as per as the choice he made for the job.

3.AI platform assess the skills possessed by the candidate.

4. If candidates lacks basic skills, they can improve themselves by opting for skill development packages. Thus, we believe in right fitment.

Brand USP’s :-

(A)- Support from a personal manager

(B)- Experience

(C)-Best Training Methods

(D)- The IT Platform

(E)- Marketing & Advertising

Brand Support To Partner :-

(A)- Revenue Sharing

(B)- Marketing Support

(C)- Software Automation Process

(D)- 100% Client, Candidate & Process Support

(E)- Branding Support

(F) One DEE , One PIN Code


(A) Fresher candidate Registration Fees: Digital CV, Skill Assessment, Job Placement. Service charges for creating video CV per candidate sent by Seekruit

Rs. 1200*2 Candidates per day = Rs. 2400 * 25 Total Days = Rs. 60000, 25% of 60000 = 15000/month

(B) Fresher Hiring Client Pay-out: Revenue Share on the collection from the client per Job Role. Out of 60 registration per month consultants get payments of Rs. 5000 for at least 30 Candidates from Client.

Rs. 5000*30 = Rs. 150000, 25% of 150000 = 37500/Month

(C) Experience Hiring Client Pay-out: Revenue Share on the collection from the client per Job Role.

Average Revenue of a good Consultant per hire/Per Month min. 5 hiring’s @ Rs. 30000

Rs . 30000*5 = Rs. 150000, 25% of 150000 = 37500/Month

Adventages Seekruit Franchise:-

(A)- Low Cost & High Return Business FOFO Model

(B)- Established Brand

(C)- 100% Business Transparency

(D)- Unlimited Growth Opportunity

(E)- Best earning business opportunity.

(F)- Best Performance.

(G)- Complete know how of Business

(H)- Management Support

(I)- Quick ROI

Brand is Offering Franchise Network Across India.

Let’s Join Hands With Most Profitable Franchise Brand ” Seekruit” and Earn More Profit.

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