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How to grow your Roofing Business fast first year 7 Tips

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7 tips to Start and grow roofing business super Fast
1. Pick up name your like. In the beginning all you have is your name. If it’s too generic. Simple and not catchy you will not love it. Founder movie. You have to love your name yourself. It will save you a lot of marketing dollars, will make you look bigger.
2. Go all in. You will be mocked. You don’t leave your house not ready to get business. How you walk matters, how you talk matters, always professional, always ready to take order. Simply don’t be shy. Office, business wrap, trick your brain.
3. Produce everything fast. Answer phone calls fast. Return emails fast. You will be on top of it.
4. Get CRM right the way. Not only Job nimbus is one of the cheapest options but it also most capable. Why do you need CRM? So you can take care of customers and make your team accountable.
5. Take a lot of small jobs. No one wants them. That’s your clientel. Build your email list.
6. Get a lot of reviews FAst. You are only as big as you are big online.
7. Start tracking numbers early on. Sign up for accounting software.

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