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How does an oven cleaning franchise compare with an independent oven cleaning business in 2022

Here we talk through the merits of buying a franchise with those of going on your own.

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – What is a franchise?
1:30 – What do you need if starting an oven cleaning business on your own?
2:50 – Why a proven model works best when starting an oven cleaning business?
3:34 – How we get someone with no experience up the highest level with our training?
3.50 – How our office ‘Bookings For You’ can help you grow?
4:15 – What works in our multi van business we pass on to you?
5:12 – How do you to get to market fast with the strongest support?
5:19 – How can you learn from the rest of the OvenGleamers network?

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