Posted on: November 29, 2022 Posted by: BobbseyvT Comments: 0

A Franchise Consultant is someone who can help you navigate franchises to find the right one. Imagine a franchise realtor. Many franchises are more than willing to take your money, sign an agreement for ten years so they can start collecting royalties. Many franchises find themselves in trouble that way. Franchise brokers or consultants are here to serve you, the franchise seeker and to help the franchisor not waste time with tire kickers. We listen to you, we present to you, we help you through funding & legal processes and we customize the program because every situation is different.

Franchise consultants main purpose is to help you and the franchise mitigate risk, save time and essentially save money. Going it alone is like walking into a courtroom alone. You need the council to make approapriate decisions and help you through the process.

Alex who is the host of Franchise Talk is one such expert. He has one of the most successful veterans transition programs and works with corporate transitioners. He is not the only one. He can refer you to other experts that specialize in certain aspects of franchising such as Area Development, Master Franchising, certain industry focuses, PHD matching, and more.

Alex built Franchise Talk to get you started and make connecting easy, secure and ethical.