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What are the top seven components of an MSP website that converts leads? We decided to pick Qlik as our ideal website. Now Qlik is actually a business intelligence software, but I really liked their website and I think their site architecture can help MSPs as well.

1. Clear Core Messaging

So to start off with, we see that they have a clear call to action on the upper third of the screen. So you can see, “They lead with data” and you can “blaze trails daily.” It’s interesting to see that they provide a solution. So their solution is “to blaze trails daily with the only end to end data management and analytics platform built the transform your entire business.” It’s a very clear value proposition.

2. Call-to-Action:

They have a clear call-to-action: you can either watch a video as their call to action or go to a free trial of their software. They also have a clear call-to-action in the upper right hand corner of their website.

Your call-to-action can be getting a free audit or assessment of cybersecurity.

You can also create a video and have prospective clients watch a video about your company. This video doesn’t have to be all encompassing. It can be a three- to five-minute video that you record on your cell phone or on your webcam. I have a Logitech Brio webcam that I use to record my videos. It also has a great microphone on it. Talk about your core values are and what are the main services you offer.

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